Linda has always been an avid organizer so when she found NAPO (The National Association for Professional Organizers) she knew she found her dream job.  

Linda and her husband David moved to the Colorado Springs area in 1992 to raise their 2 boys who are now grown.  Prior to becoming a professional organizer Linda worked as a Psychiatric Technician for 10 years; she chose to retire from this career but continued her connection with the mental health profession as a Educational Director for a non-profit organization.  Linda worked tirelessly to educate families of children with mental illness on ways to make their lives easier thus giving Linda the expertise that most Professional Organizers lack; the ability to help those that suffer from OCD, Bi-Polar and ADHD.

Linda added the title of Certified Family Manager Coach in 2008.  Using the exclusive Family Manager Techniques as well as proven solutions, Linda will work with you to bring key areas of stress under control and help you to reach your personal goals and priorities for your home and personal life.  Linda will help you set up a family schedule, chores, allowance system and teach you how to present it to your family in a non-threatening way.  


Congratulations, you have come to this website because you are seeking direction, support and encouragement in your goal setting tasks.  You may be feeling overwhelmed because you can't get into a room because of the clutter, or frustrated because you know you have something but can't remember where it is.  You may even be getting mad because you have kicked that same toy of the one thousandth time but your children's room are so cluttered that they couldn't put it away if they wanted to.  

Advice, encouragement, and education are all things I wish to offer you in your goal of turning your home into a well oiled machine.  My goal is to help you work through the hard decisions on learning what to keep and donate and throw away.  Together we will get your paper work filed into a system where you can find anything; items such as insurance papers or mortgage papers or simple the electric bill will be available at a moments notice.  Imaging how much stress could be eliminated from your day if you could find any paperwork in 3 minutes or less!

Do you find yourself in a position where you have to move and have no idea how to pack effectively?  Or maybe you are downsizing, you find yourself needing to get rid of all that extra stuff and don't know where to even begin.  Did you just inherit your parent's home with all their processions and you are finding yourself struggling with the intimate choices of what to keep or what to let go of?  Maybe you would just like to get your car in the garage again?  

It may seem that there is no way that you could ever become organized and have some extra time yourself,but that is where I come in.  I can teach you how to do what most people wish they could do; organize, declutter, recycle, and put order in any home or home office.  I can show you how to take the most daunting task and turn it into an organized, stress free environment that in the end will create a space that anyone would love to work, play or relax in.  

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