List of Services

  • Hoarding
  • Family Manager Coaching
  • Buried in Treasures Workshop
  • Presentations
  • ADHD, ADD, OCD, BiPolar, Organizing help
  • Time Management
  • Space Planning
  • Project or Event Planning


Each session begins with a review of your needs, goals, and progress.  Then we work side by side as you eliminate the backlog then built new systems and habits in a fresh, clutter-free space.  You receive hands-on assistance, personalized strategies, on-the-spot troubleshooting, quick access to organizing resources, and enthusiastic professional support.  

Next, we roll up our sleeves and dive in, beginning to create physical change your space.  We clear the backlog and develop more effective, efficient system and habits. Organize Consolidate Declutter, LLC guides you through the decision-making and gives you confidence that you CAN do it.

If you are overwhelmed y the complexity of the organizing task or discouraged by the volume... or if you have trouble setting aside time for organizing, you will benefit from the help from Organize Consolidate Declutter, LLC.